Tech Plan Assistance

Tech Plan Assistance

District technology plans are required for Priority Two E-rate funding, and for districts receiving technology grant funds administered by the California Department of Education.  Plans are submitted through the local county education office to a CDE-approved Tech Plan Approver in another area of the state, and the local country education office coordinates communications to and from that approver.

The Santa Barbara Country Education Office Tech Plan Approver works with applicants to develop and submit a plan that will support the applicant’s district and meet CDE and e-rate requirements. Applicants are advised to contact SBCEO’s Educational Technology Services Department as soon as a plan needs to be written or revised.

There are two types of technology plans, and many districts developed a comprehensive plan for the now discontinued EETT program. While the EETT “comprehensive plan” is no longer required, districts may want to keep their comprehensive plan up to date for future grant opportunities. A less robust plan is submitted for e-rate purposes, and is known as a “standard plan.” An approved standard plan or comprehensive plan is required for Priority Two e-rate applicants and for receipt of technology grant funding administered by the California Department of Education.

Standard Technology Plans must address these areas:

  • Curriculum
  • Professional development
  • Infrastructure, hardware, software, technical support
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Addressing how districts will educate students and teachers on appropriate and ethical use of information technology in the classroom so that students and teachers can distinguish lawful from unlawful uses
  • Internet safety


Of tremendous help to those districts developing technology plans is a Tech Plan Builder site The site guides tech plan developers through the requirements of both comprehensive and standard plans.

The development of a district technology plan can be a lengthy process, and districts are advised to contact the Educational Technology Services division as soon as need for a plan or revision is seen. SBCEO’s Tech Plan Approver is Kristine Mainland White,  Coordinator, Computers for Families at 964-4711 X5400.

To assist in developing your district plan, a useful site for current research is: – National Educational Technology Standards for teachers, administrators and student. Look for the “Standards” link.