Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee


The Annual County Spelling Bee will be hosted in the Santa Barbara County Education Office Auditorium on Thurs., Feb. 27, 2020.

This event is open to grades 4-9. Grades 4-6 should arrive and sign-in by 8:30 a.m., and grades 7-9 by 1 p.m.

A word list for grades 7-9 is available here. There is no word list for grades 4-6, but the state has supplied us with a study guide, which can be downloaded here.

Registration is necessary prior to the event. Materials will be sent to all school principals regarding when and how to register.

Official registration will be confirmed when all required student information has been received by the deadlines noted. A purchase order or registration fees must also be received prior to the event in order to participate.

February 20 is the last day schools can register to participate and must provide student information required at that time.


For questions, contact Rose Koller:

rkoller (at) sbceo (dot) org, or 805-964-4711, ext. 5222.